F4f Audio Reddit Pillow Talk Audio is a subreddit that welcomes vanilla and erotic amateur…. girl body mentions: being wet, having clit, fingers “being inside you”, no vagina mention. Gonewildaudio is a place to submit naughty recordings of yourself alone or with your consenting partner (s). F4F F4TF meaning? : r/ShibbySays. Watch Asmr F4f porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. [F4F] Quiver (Comfort After Your Breakup) [Gentle Femdom] [Good Girl] [Oral, Fingering, Light Anal Play]. These are mostly F4F (One F4M) and all involve some degree of blackmail, domination and dubious consent and, to be safe, [rape]. A cute, romantic audio about two girls stuck on a Ferris wheel who admit their feelings for each other. Posted by u/mywedgiehurts - 14 votes and 2 comments. Why is this important? When you write or read scripts or even listen to ASMR audios, its important to add these tags so that anyone will have an idea what the audio is about. Where a community about your favorite things is waiting for you. Looking for new F4F audio files/written pieces? : r/EroticHypnosis. This audio recording should not be distributed by any party outside of the original creator or utilized for any reason except for it's intended purpose, as determined by the creator. I listened to this entire audio and only realized it was a f4f audio like. Hi friends! Here's my first F4F audio! I'm so excited to finally release one, since I've been so rudely depriving you of some nice wlw content. It’s also an incredibly powerful platfor. I apologize in advance for any indoor/outdoor bird noises. As always VFX and sound cues are optional, improv is encouraged, and all that fun stuff. Sooo I recorded this after not masturbating for 5 days and I think you can tell. I excepted some slow growth :p. net for futa resources, gain an understanding of the topic. Before Instagram regulated this practice, you could grow your account to thousands of followers in a short time without much effort. This content is made by adults for adults 18+. If you're craving asmr roleplay XXX movies you'll find them here. I hope there isn't any background noise because I don't live alone and my house is defiantly loud with thin walls. F4F] Let Me Teach You How. Okay there’s this audio, i’m pretty sure it was either F4F or F4A but it starts off with a phone call asking which color the speakers car is, then the listener hops in. Specific script codes are set out in respect of each script. List of my Audios ;) buy me a drink?🍹😏. F4F] Harold, They're Besties. I had to really think about what felt natural for me because otherwise I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. First audio of yours that I listened, and boy was this an amazing experience. You're so talented! The sex scene was amazing, and lived up to the build-up earlier. Thanks for writing the most adorable script ever!!! So come here, lemme show you how much I appreciate your body ;) Cheers and enjoy~! My last F4F: Conservation of …. I originally was only going to fill the F4TF flip version, but it …. F4A response audio with my voice only: Soundgasm link | Whyp link Response audio with my voice and their MF4A overheard audio layered in (headphones recommended, in stereo): Soundgasm link | Whyp link. You've truly outdone yourself with this audio! Any great audio must have a great script, and this one by u/Kinkybaddragon was just that! When I saw this amazing script without a fill for so. Someone's been naughty AUDIO: For Good Boys, click here for F4M || For Good Girls, click here for F4F. I can say without hesitation that this is my new favorite romantic audio. Thank you so much for the wonderful audio Ruthie. Hello!! I've been kinda a little busy with school and reddit being down T_T but here I am <333 Summary ~ Your girlfriend can’t go to sleep and she starts rambling to your sleeping body. Attain the most recent and exact perspectives without any hassle. GWA| [F4F] Your Bi Roommate Cleans Up After Your Boyfriend. This brought to my mind another audio where you adopted us and you were really sweet too. No exchanges for money, goods, or services. Easy trade off to make, plus a spontaneous orgasm via oxytocin release sounds really fun. I hope you all really like this one! I hope you all really like this one! Scenario: You come home from a night out to find your partner asleep on your side of the bed wearing your t-shirt. Nipple play is what gets me off the best, and I would love if someone could make this. Ok now this was some high level thingh. [F4M] [F4F] [F4A] HFO With A Twist [Hypnosis] [Gender-neutral] [HFO but not quite] [Post hypnotic suggestions] [Forced masturbation] [Noodle arms] [Paralysis] [Long induction] [Countdown] [20:54] This file will leave you extremely aroused with an intense desire to masturbate, but there’s just one problem; your arms don’t work. I'm sooo happy to see the "to be continued" tag!. Pleasure that I will bring to the surface, again and again. After months of not talking to your ex, you knock on the door and ask a special favour. #asmr #girlfriendasmr #voiceacting #f4a #f4m #f4f #porcupinetoast #femaleasmr #girlfriend #asmrroleplay #roleplay #mommy #mommydom #punishment. The background score was an excellent addition as well. I admit it's kinda rambly, but I guess that's how this character is. If you wish to follow, support me, or see my tentative schedule, please visit my profile. I want it to be the main focus, build up via oral is nice for three. Verified! [F4M] [F4F] [F4A] Kantot Malala : 8 min of Tagalog Dirty Talk [Tagalog Audioporn] [Tagalog Profanity] [Filipino Profanity] [FSub] [Mdom listener] [Cock Worship] [Breeding] [Creampie. How to Advertise on Reddit. Alwaysslightlysleepy soundgasm. Thanks for reading - Taco Word count: 1856 Pairing: Yandere/Listener. Verified! [F4M] [F4F] [F4A] Getting raped by your futa girlfriend after a fight~ [penetration] [no genitals mentioned] [RAPE] [holding you down] [smol but strong] [forced creampie] [suck my cock. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. It’s also my first F4F script – but also won’t be my last. This audio is a work of fiction. I am, however, splitting these audios into their own post out of consideration for anyone who doesn’t want to see these audios alongside my cuddlier or otherwise more vanilla audios. On Reddit, people shared supposed past-life memories that made them believe reincarnation could be possible. SFX, which mainly consists of 3D audio, panning, echos, close up speech, and some other interesting effects. Verified! [F4F] You’ve Poked Me too Many Times [Fdom] [Punishment] [frustration] [Degrading] [collar] [some spit] [slapping/spanking] [sucking on my strap] [pegging] [forced to cum] [slight sfx] [beg. I must hear more!! Loved how you kept a consistent and dominant tone the whole audio, could not stop squirming 🥰💗. After a year of only making pillow talk audios thought I'd try something a little sexier. Incest - relations between family members, including step-family and adopted family, or references to them. It was a little longer than expected but I hope you guys don't mind <3 Enjoy and thank you for listening! It’s Okay, Honey, Let Me Take the Lead. If I punch that into the calculator you linked (networking egress, Internet Egress Standard Tier), that's $331. ) The script is a collaboration between myself and the amazing Mercedene_Morghon. [Guided Masturbation][Gentle Fdom][Feel good for me][Clit Play][Good Girl] mentions of [Cunnilingus][Penetration][Short][Dirty …. Undervalued Reddit stocks continue to attract attention as we head into the new year. This was performed by an adult 18+ and is intended for adults. The SFX added in just the right places, never too loud or too soft really helped with the immersion. Your new mic setup sounds incredible. Summary: You're a psychic interrogator with a …. The speaker makes the listener lick their juices up off the desk after they fuck. 59K subscribers in the GWASapphic community. Hello hello lovelies!! Took me a bit to make my first F4F audio because anything girl related makes me so shy?? I don't know it's rather irrational buuut I loved this script so much that I thought I would give it a shot :) I hope you enjoy!!. alwaysslightlysleepy-[Script fill][F4A] Sometimes I Can't Sleep [music][early stages of a relationship][giddy][sappy][romantic][bittersweet][By _u_Belle_in_the_woods. ASMR Roleplay Becoming The Teacher's Pet Part 1 ( F 4 A). I was born and raised in the southern United States, so I naturally have a bit of a country accent despite my best efforts. SUMMARY: Your girlfriend is a Mafia boss. F4A / F4F / F4M Scripts needed ^^. Reddit">Hands down to the best hfo file : r/JustMocha. If you're craving lesbians scissoring XXX movies you'll find them here. You guys get to hear confused, flustered Coy for once. F4F] We've Been at Each Other's Throats All. Verified! [F4M] [F4F] [F4A] Your Work Wife Decides To Make You Hers For Real [Gentle FDom ][Coworkers gave me ASMR shivers- and soooo goddamn sultry. Your kisses make me feel warm inside. Thank you to the author for writing such a fun little script - I really hope I did this scenario some sort of justice. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Role Play sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. SFX + BB, which takes the SFX version and simply adds binaural beats to the mix. It would only need to be a few minutes long as it would be looped. Here are seven for your perusal. Notes: I initially was making this audio just as a test of my new mic set up, but then I got really into it and just kept going lol. This was really fun! I thought that this script was an appropriate one for my first F4F audio xD I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome :) I've made an anonymous feedback form just in case you feel more comfortable using that!. Everyone was perfectly cast and each performance was incredible. A reaction to u/bettylaflame 's "Caught", which I really enjoyed listening to. F4M] Reassuring Your Jealous Goth Girlfriend With a Good. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. Made sure to say princess in the audio for a certain somebody 😉 Automatically makes them horny. You’ve sadly been given up by your previous owners, and they promised to get you to a good new home You find out, it’s not so…. Thanks for the encouragement, my soft and sweet little beastie! Thank you to u/SilkySmoothSmut for something fun without those bothersome sound effects! Find the original Script Offer Here!. All characters depicted are over the age of 18. Embed Go to gonewildaudio r/gonewildaudio • by Ukiya_arts. Terms & Policies And this is also my first F4F audio! I consider myself bicurious, and I wanted to show the female fans some love too! And special thanks to u/Kilbeggan32 for another great editing job!. Synopsis: It's never okay to pick on someone for being gay. Any f4f audios that have Asmr whispering? Like, in. Depending on how long you can go without getting to the edge, you'll either be denied, ruined or allowed to cum at the end of the audio. Audio Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item Share or Embed This Item. 130K subscribers in the pillowtalkaudio community. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy your favorite tunes anytime and anywhere. Let's assume the average audio is 7 minutes long. I don't really expect this to get filled but on the off chance that. Listen to F4A Version on Soundgasm. F4F]'Sleepover: The Pretty One' featuring. There are so many variations of sounds and so many ways to make them, Soon I’ll find what I like best. Basically I want an audio where my girlfriend encourages me to gain weight and then feeds me donuts and shakes until I feel like I'm going to burst and then pours a couple of shakes down my throat. this f4f audio got me like ‍. Terms & Policies F4M audio here. Didn't intend to make this particular audio AT ALL. Terms & Policies I’m back with my 2nd F4F audio, let’s goooo!! I’m really enjoying making these! This script by u/mrslangdon28 seemed like a really fun way to try a hot, mean, light fdom character!. Love that mine has JT music in the background, fits together perfectly. Nothing in the script directly ties “genitals” to “gender. [F4M] / [F4F] Always come for big sis, okay? [Gentle Fdom] [Step-siblings] [Incest] [You’re obviously an adult] …. Deeper-voiced Rina is 😤 wowww you sound pretty bb I was so hyped to hear an F4F from you, because ya know women and then you hit me with this tone of voice that I haven’t heard before and… ma’am, I regret to inform you that I’ve passed away from sheer sexiness. Audio without aftercare ***Please note this is a fantasy. Hiya, goslings! 😚 I hope you are all well, even with what is happening in the US today. 7 Undervalued Reddit Stocks to Buy Now. ↪🔊I'm going to torture your cute, magical body with pleasure↩. F4F] Watching the Twinkling Lights. The voicing's not bad, though recording volume a bit imbalanced - the loud part especially is LOUD when everything else is as low as it is. There are plenty of opportunities to clench and HFO in the Spellcast Slave audio. o this audio is intended for 18+ listeners only. ☺️ Idk how best to end this comment other than I’ll definitely be listening to this audio again when I need some Brenna brand hot cocoa and hotter cuddles (which. Hello! This is my first F4F audio. Fae Knight Takes You Captive – SkittyKat. Snarky doing an audio with lots of slurpy goodness? 😳 It sure sounds like 2022 is starting off right; this audio was hotter and more glorious than all the New Years fireworks ever 🎇. Verified! [F4F] [F4TF] Aftercare Audio [aftercare] [softly spoken] [loving] [affectionate] [no sex] [British] [English accent] [lesbian] [queer] possibly [ASMR] "My mom always used to say that you could set your heart by that clock. The Most Savage Will Stories Found on Reddit. #asmr #girlfriendasmr #voiceacting #f4a #f4m #f4f #porcupinetoast #femaleasmr #girlfriend #asmrroleplay #roleplay #teacher #puppy #dominant #domination. F4F] Hypnotherapy Session. In this script, a married woman takes revenge on the woman with whom her husband is having an affair. Self-fill! Read the script here. Verified! [F4F] Detective in a Red Dress Part III: The Fortune Teller[Noir Theme] [Female Detective] [Gender Bent Noir Tropes] [Lap Dance] [Riding] [Fingering] [Pixie Dream Girl] [Narration] I'd hoped the kid's missing sister might be able to give me a lead. If that doesn't sound like your thing you should NOT listen to this, haha. F4F audios favs : r/auralescentbaddies. One thing tho, when u call the listener Sarah at the beginning was a little offputting and took me out of the moment. (I finally got to use the fleshlight I ordered on accident :D) I hope you guys enjoy! :) Audio!. Today, the platform focuses on organic traffic. Hi again, new rule (not really a rule, but request) if you like the audio let me know in an upvote so I can make more content for ya! I won't know if you don't let me know what you like. net comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment [deleted] • Additional comment actions. <) Enjoy! As ever, feedback, comments and PMs welcome! :). Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Premium About Reddit Advertise Blog Careers Press. Finally, my image of Shibby is based of magnificent Evi Le Fey by r/SleepyGimp (found later in the posts). The "listener"/Subject is referred to by multiple different pronouns as the narrative progresses, but ultimately settles on "she/her. Been wanting to do an F4F for quite a bit, and this one seemed absolutely perfect to do for both!. However, given that I no longer post to this subreddit it has now been removed. F4F] Like I said… you’re hot, Cupcake. I think they may have been roommates? The story was that the speaker was secretly in love with her best friend, but was very shy/didn’t wanna ruin the friendship. We need more material aimed at female-aligned NB/trans listeners who have or want a cock. Well I hope you enjoy being mindfucked my cute little pets Can you feel your mind getting empty and blank, as I replace your thoughts with my voice. This is not my usual arena and a rare occurrence honestly. this is a work of fiction created by an adult (me) to be listened to and enjoyed by other adults. Woooo, my first F4F audio! This was a lot of fun to do. A few weeks ago I realized I've only ever posted one F4F audio, which was already a pretty long while ago, too. ⚠️TRIGGER ALERT: This audio does contain sounds of me having my mouth covered by handplease use CAUTION if this is a trigger for you⚠️ 🐺👂👂👂LISTEN CLOSELY 🎧🎧🎧🐺 I do NOT consent to my audios being reposted on any other platform🛑 Performer is over the age of 18. But when I read this script by u/FeelGoodFairy, I knew I was in good hands. Gonewild Audio is a place to submit naughty recordings of yourself alone or…. Unlike Twitter or LinkedIn, Reddit seems to have a steeper learning curve for new users, especially for those users who fall outside of the Millennial and Gen-Z cohorts. [Old Babysitter] [Virgin] [Oral] [Fingering] [Kissing] [Moans] a few [Good Girl]s [Older Woman] [Younger Woman] the gentlest of [Fdom] [Sweet] [Praise] [Coffee Shop. Looking for f4f ASMR scripts : r/ASMRScriptHaven. :Audio: Hello my lovely listeners! I'm back with my first F4F audio! And I'm suuuper excited about this one XD I love a good vampire script and this one seemed like a beginner friendly one! So I hope you love it as much as I did making it <3 Moth. MF4F] Touch Yourself For Us. 2018 by Spa Massage Music World. When you get home from work, your loving girlfriend decides …. Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Premium About Reddit Advertise Blog r/gonewildaudio • by WldflowerPhoenix. Tonight she wakes you up, scared and in heat. For good girls, click here for F4F -or- here for F4TF. A collection of SFW(safe-for-work) and NSFW(not-safe-for-work) audio by alwaysslightlysleepy(now deleted account) shared on gonewildaudio subreddit. [F4M] Yandere audio roleplay - Yandere best friend confesses to you at a sleepover [F4F] version link in comments Comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment Chicaraffasmr •. I tried to cut them out but that would mean cutting out some great audio too. Hope you enjoy!--Are you going to stare at me all night or are you going to come do something about our palpable chemistry? click for audio--all sound fx are either freeuse or made by yours truly. Check out Peter's audio list for more from him! ♡ SFX from Freesound, Zapsplat, and Youtube Audio Library, including sounds from mredig, mario1298, InspectorJ, EminYILDIRIM, and lth_stp ♡ This is the work of ©KissesFromLia and ©SirPeterYourPleaser on Reddit, and intended for 18+ audiences only. Use your fingers or a toy baby, I just want you to feel good. Summary: you've been having a hard time reaching a beautiful orgasm when your girlfriend walks in on you. These Reddit stocks are falling back toward penny-stock price levels So far this year, retail investors have pocketed fa. 8 Reddit Penny Stocks That May Withstand the Market Maelstrom. F4F] Your Sweet GF Makes You Cum in a Dressing Room. In this audio, you are challenged to stroke your cock in increasingly more intense ways. Tomboy Speaker is topless and wearing men's Swim Trunks…. I'm soooo glad u/LouisJordan4prez wrote this script because I've been wanting to do a Lesbian Detective audio for SO LONG but had no idea how to execute it!. Shows how dedicated you are and the love you. [F4F] I just want you to feel good baby. the script sorta got away from me, and I didn't want to cut any of it. That’s to say, there’s a subreddit for virtually every topic — or you. I don’t usually do anything this dark, but what the heck, we’re trying new things! Although there is a portion of this that’s kinda watersports-ish where the listener is forced to pee in a litter box in front of her Mistress, there’s no actual pee-play. "that’s why i saved you for last…. [M4F] Taken By Your Boyfriend's Sadistic Twin Brother. It's also hilarious that you're a dude listening to an F4F audio. F4F] Your Masc Bestie Wants to Help You Cum. [F4M] and a separate [F4F] Best Friend's Mom [MMlb] [Light Fdom] [Eat My Pussy] [Be a Good Boy] [Cum for Me] [Mention of Breeding] [Tasting Your Dick] [Get On Your Knees for Me] [Good Girl] [Your Pretty Pussy] [Using a Dildo on You] [Make Me Cum on Your Face] [Tasting Your Pussy] [MMlg] So nice to see a reddit audio from you Mia! Really. I think the best part is this audio is that it isn't 'porn' per se, but true entertainment with some hot sexy aspects. Looking for audios like the title says. Lately, I put out about 1-2 Patreon audios per month that have an F4A version, this tier …. PsstAudio has shutdown announcement. [F4M] / [F4F] Always come for big sis, okay? [Gentle Fdom] [Step-siblings] [Incest] [You're obviously an adult] [Comfort] [Caught off guard] [Shy listener] [Handjob / Fingering] [Stop and go] [Wet sounds] [Moan for me] [Praise] [Kisses] [Proud of you] [A little ASMR] [Wholesome] [9 min] Audio. It has been a while since I have done a mommy dom and f dom audio and I really wanted to record another one since many enjoyed the first one that I did. Hey, r/PillowTalkAudio! I thought I'd post an audio after people were really nice to my verification post last night! I think I'll try my own scripts in the future, but I think I gotta gain a little more confidence before showing off my own writing?. F4F] Lazy Saturday Morning. Go to gonewildaudio r/gonewildaudio • by Ukiya_arts. All content is created for Adults •18+•, and is written and performed by Adults •18+•. Navigate my secret garden resources effortlessly on Soundgasm. All I ask is for an audio filled with love and affection. For one of the more niche fantasies out there I'm happy it has had an audio made and when someone so good makes that audio it results in an amazing experience. And for the rest of you, a brief synopsis: It's her 18th birthday, and she's showing off …. While there are many platforms that offer paid music downloads, there are also legal. Second F4F audio for Pride month! Let's get mean with it. Come sweetheart, let Sofia take you under, take you down. Fucking hell, this made my brain much. Anyways imma be listing my favourite female creators and my favourite F4F audio by them. I listened to an audio a while ago that now I can’t find. NEW AUDIO!!! COME HAVE SOME FUN WITH …. What Is “F4F” on Instagram? ‘ F4F ’ is the short form for ‘ follow for follow. For the record this seems to be my only F4F that is tagged as fdom. [M4F] Early Morning With Your BF. MOANING YOUR NAME SERIES [1] Omg!! Your amazing!! One of the hardest working underappreciated performers ever!! I get chills listening! thank you so much! I really appreciate that ️. I'm looking for someone to make a good guided masturbation audio centered around nipple play. It's kinda new to me but I really enjoy it so far. [M4F] Turning Daddy Into a Father. Terms & Policies I've been a little disappointed by the lack of F4F audio that involve scissoring! I know there is a few, but the scissoring element is only in it for like a few minutes. 🧸 did i hustle to record, edit, and post this audio all under 2 hours?? yes, yes i did. hiyaaa, sooo i actually don’t hate an audio i’ve made for once (yay) lol :3 also i’m ngl this one made me extremely hot and…. Can make an audio of reading the nutritional value of food, and I’d be in bliss haha. Within the hour after you asked about it generally, Shibby posted a new audio, F4F!. We're a team and you can lean. EDIT: For those who are interested, these are the two audios that I reference in this audio Gang rape audio. I'm so so glad you enjoyed the audio, thank you! As to the music, I lifted it from the YouTube music archive, the big 'ole list of tracks free to use. Written amazingly by u/inkwell2020! Please check out his scripts <3 That being said, I hope you like it ! Feedback or comments at all are very much appreciated (I try my best to reply back whenever I can) -Aria 🍓 Disclaimer: This audio was made BY an adult FOR adults. This fifth audio was a request, and it's the same universe as an audio I posted yesterday that people seemed to actually like. Amazing Audio Skitty! And great script by theycalledhimquiet. I've never used background music before. It was actually a lot of fun, and I adore the end product. Long-time listener, first time commentor! 💕 I'm a submissive lesbian trans girl, and your audios are basically my favorite thing I'm there world to touch myself to 😳. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Lesbian sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. I have wanted do a mommy dom/f dom audio focused on this specific idea for a while, and got some inspiration to post it today. GWA is not a place for soliciting, advertising businesses. What’s the matter? Are you finally getting warm? Or is the feeling of my soft hands exploring your body giving you some naughty thoughts? I think I can feel a certain part of you getting excited, but I won’t do anything you’re not comfortable. I love a good mind fuck either giving or receiving lol Hope I did it some justice. THIS WAS CREATED BY ADULTS, FOR ADULTS ONLY. For hitting the 900 follower milestone, It was voted to put up a poll for listeners to chose the subject of what one of my next audios would be. About GoneWildAudio (GWA) GWA is a place for adult redditors to submit amateur erotic audio recordings that are intended to be sexually stimulating or titillating to the listener or the submitter. Animals and Pets Anime Art Cars and Motor Vehicles Crafts and DIY Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Ethics and Philosophy Fashion Food and Drink History Hobbies Law Learning and Education Military Movies Music Place Podcasts and Streamers Politics Programming Reading, Writing, and Literature Religion and Spirituality Science Tabletop Games. Collar for My Good Boy [F4M] [ASMR] [Switchy] [Cute] [Girlfriend] but [Call me Mommy] [Petplay] [Shhh, don’t speak] [Leash tug] [Straddle]’n [Grind] [Blowjob. No, no, please, don't force me to have another one. For example, “Reddit’s stories are created by its users. Legal Disclaimer: All words here are specifically written by adults, for adults. Guess I'll dive into your other audios next, then ! Can't tell you how much that smiley "F uc k me like I'm the f uc king prom queen" at 26:35 got me 𝙬 𝙚 𝙖 𝙠 af, though. I wonder if this has happened to anyone before. I could listen to those moans forever. F4F] It’s Okay, Honey, Let Me Take the Lead. F4F] coming out with a confession. Hi Sweet Listeners! I’ve wanted to put out some share my F4F audios for a while and today is the day! My girls need some loving and tenderness that’s just for them! 😘 Since this is my first, I’m a little nervous so please let me know what you think!. A cursory look over your comments tells the entire story. [M4F] The Catgirl On My Doorstep. Ellyble Fav audio: Your college bully catches you touching yourself to her pictures. ” No “boy” or “girl” or pronouns (if I screwed …. Without them, we have nothing to voice and this lewd dance we all do (Listeners, VAs and Scriptwriters) cannot continue. (though, I do most of the eating in this audio). ;) Anyways, hope you will like my early Valentine's Day gift! Your beautiful goth girlfriend may exude a tough and bratty exterior but inside she’s a sensitive …. Some words with a long “o” sound are “no,” “go,” “bingo” and “hello. Bully [comfort][huggles][don't you mess with my bestie][i'm a little hoarse] So I have a tendency to be incredibly overprotective of my girl friends. Hey Teacups - So, I am once AGAIN demonetized from YouTube. Starting off with just one finger and slowly working up to being able to stroke hard and fast with your full hand. I got such a good response on my audio I uploaded yesterday that I decided to upload another one today! Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Premium About Reddit Advertise Blog Go to gonewildaudio r/gonewildaudio • by AuralCandy. As a bisexual with a preference for women, I'll probably be doing far more F4F audios in the future. I'd love to know what you think in the comments. It turns out that real people who want to make a lasting impression with their final wishes die all the. Boddy better than any of the invited guests. (this originally linked to an Owen Wilson wow compilation bc I forgot I couldn’t do that) This is literally spectacular (or whatever the audio equivalent of a spectacle is). I missed that it was F4F but couldn’t stop listening till the end. The audio I’m overhearing is MF4A, and there are no references to listeners or comments in either. I flipped it 4M too, you can find that audio here. Include your age, tag, #location, and what you're looking for in the title. Audio Porn Platform Quinn Streams Erotica to Your …. First audio/script fill! I really liked this when I read it, and I'm always weak for a vampire/prey or monster/monster hunter scenario. Gone wild audio - Freeform; Gonewildaudio; gwa; Erotic Script - Freeform; Erotic Screenplay - Freeform; friends to lover; Ritual Circle; Silly Patterened Underwear; blowjob; Cunnilingus; Mating Press; talk of; Buttplugs; Speaker Orgasm; Creampie; Summary. this f4f audio got me like 😳🥴😵‍💫😫🥵. Specifically u/Justhereforsatan who asked if I'd consider making a F4F version of my first Crazy Prisoner audio. THIS IS A FICTIONAL ROLEPLAY AUDIO AND 100% FANTASY. I think this was my first F4F I've listened to! Holy SHIT you are such a freaking domme, I don't care what you say. As much as I love being dommed by you lovely ladies, I would really enjoy having you submit to me~ ;3. [F4F] Your Girlfriend Ties You Up and Has Her Way With You. I am so glad you thought so! I had to start this audio over so many times lol. This is my first F4F audio and the first hypnosis audio as well, thanks u/insomnia_swede for the script. Hahaha! As dear u/ravishagirl notes in his script offer, this is "completely ridiculous. I like to say I'm mostly straight, but so is spaghetti until it gets wet. net : alwaysslightlysleepy ">Alwaysslightlysleepy soundgasm. My gratitude to u/LiteBlack and u/frontrowdreams for their comments and suggestions. [M4F] Make Yourself Feel Good For Me, Darling. F4F] I just want you to feel good baby. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Verified! [F4F] [Script Fill] Getting Steamy in the Sauna. [F4F] audio here ♡ {18:23} tags: [Eat you out] [Cunnilingus] [Tonguefuck] [F4M] audio here ♡ {20:21} tags: [Blowjob] [Facefuck] [Cum in my mouth] Synopsis: I work at a pizzeria and recently took a liking to a fairly new customer, you. [guided masturbation, instruction, control, sweet, gentle Fdom] soundgasm. As you might know GWA just reached 1 million members! To celebrate this milestone there's a little event going on!. Seriously though, this audio was amazing and I think you did an incredible job with it 🥰. I did an improve sub thing here and I like it so I hope you do too. Comments and suggestions always welcome!. And what better to start with than an amazing script by u/Belle_in_the_woods! Let's call this just the beginning After Our First Date. There are THREE NSFW versions of this audio--F4M, F4F, and F4A--as well as a SFW version that you can find here. I want to relax you, entrance you, bring you comfort and joy. This audio is improvised, meaning that there is no script! Listen to F4M Version on Soundgasm. My First F4F Audio!!!! To the special little sweet pea that requested this, I sincerely hope you like it and thank you for sharing with the rest of the class. I’ve always wanted to do an F4F audio so here I am! I tried to have it go at a pretty steady pace instead of just rushing into things and I promise that I’ll get better at all of my sensual SFX. Audio: For good boys, click here for F4M. Audio via Reddit “The war is lost. She ties you up and teases you relentlessly until you give her what she wants. Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Premium About Go to gonewildaudio r/gonewildaudio • by DankMagicianGrill. I haven't done an audio to this scale in a while. Why is this important? When you write or read scripts or even listen to ASMR audios, its important to add these tags so that anyone will have an idea …. Hearing the noises you made was a gift to my ears. But this alone wasn’t enough for me. Hi! I can’t remember what horny little fever dream I had that led me to record this at 5am but here you go! This is my first F4F audio! Scenario: Your girlfriend finally came home and you have a cute little surprise to show her. Watersports, as you know, is REALLY not my thing. The most common sound is a call. [F4F] truth or dare? [NSFW] will we become more than friends. Go to gonewildaudio r/gonewildaudio • by DankMagicianGrill. Warmly, soft ♡ *Noncopyright Music used from PineGroove Production Music & 부구미 BuGuMi on Youtube. I wrote this script, and it can be found here: The Morning After script SYNOPSIS: Your little sister (the speaker) is a college student, still living with her parents. r/BeautysBoudoir - My subreddit, where I post exclusive audios, behind-the-scenes extras, and some other fun stuff ~~~~~ DISCLAIMERS:. Hope those who like this kinda stuff enjoy it :). r/nsfwasmr has been created! : r/asmr. Slow at first, the curse is now in full effect with some additional surprises. Embed Go to gonewildaudio r/gonewildaudio • by oom1999 [F4F] [Request] The Other Woman [you show up at your girlfriend's house unexpected] [and her wife answers the door] [drama llama] [cuckquean] [succubus of a sort] [rape] [futa] [rim- and blowjob. In this audio, I'm your bully and I discover that you've been secretly liking my mistreatment of you. Realtek Audio drivers are mainstays for managing audio in Windows. F4M] Worshipped by a Goddess. I had lots of fun recording this, being on the dominant end of things rather than submissive like my previous recording. Audio Link Here (8:25) At the time of me uploading this, I have almost 500 followers after only doing this for a little over a month. InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips If you think Reddit is only a social media network, you’ve missed one of InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips If you think Reddit is only. This was hot, adorable and wholesome all mixed together! When you called him a Chad that killed me. The choice that won was “We Fight Then Make Up PTA”. I'm an AFAB demi-girl whose biological clock is currently screaming at me to breed women 24/7, and this audio is a fucking godsend. Real estate is often portrayed as a glamorous profession. F4F | ASMR Audio Porn for women | We may be fake dating, but we're really going to fuck! Watch [F4F] Your Sweet GF Makes You Cum in a Dressing Room - EROTIC AUDIO on Pornhub. That's understandable, but I don't think simply mentioning it will change much. sfx are created by me or copyright-free & acquired under the Creative Commons 0 License. This script is only intended for those 18 and up. I've added your suggestion to my list, as I'm always looking for more F4F audio ideas. Only The Basics Throw 2 extra dollars my direction, buys me even MORE tea and possibly a cookie. This is short, but will have to do for now until I'm over my cold and can record again. A script might only make sense if said by a man then it would be M4 or if it does not matter it would be A4. Absolutely with out a doubt the best audio ever I would love to see more audios like this with the same level …. Thank you u/GodImSoClose for writing this Script. Please do not repost without my knowledge or permission!. About GoneWildAudio (GWA) GWA is a place for adult redditors to submit amateur erotic audio recordings that are intended to be sexually stimulating or titillating to the listener or …. I love this mostly because it F4F and it soooo sweet *tear* 2016-09-05T00:42:26Z. Embed Go to gonewildaudio r/gonewildaudio • by my_eyes_only. A nice HFO to make you cum, full of conversational fun that'll have you slipping deep and keep you mindlessly horny the entire way through till the very end. That way, you can copy paste into a document and change the font, line spacing of the copy while keeping the original intact. Plus y'all earned it by being so patient with my slow uploads and long breaks lmao! Fr tho, I appreciate all of you. 5% (one out of 40) of GWA's subscribers listen to only one (whole) audio per day, that's 18,525 listens, and ~130 GB. Amazing, amazing audio, love it when you go deep. I can't help it, I find emotionally charged / angry / break-up sex where both parties want to hurt each other so fucking hot. Words cannot describe how angry I am. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment Bright-Tumbleweed-14 •. Includes: age difference, older woman, lewd asmr, caught you looking, in public, milf, kissing, sunscreen, capri sun is mentioned, playful teasing, whisper. List of my audios ;) (This content is made by adults for adults 18+. My name is Peaches and I make cuddly, wholesome audios in my spare time. I'd been planning on doing more F4F content and this was the perfect opportunity for me to post something that makes me happy. Candles, soothing music — whatever sets the mood for the massage you want to give. hello and welcome to another audio! in honour of pride month ending, i wanted to release an F4F audio! hope you love it! ♡♡♡ as always, don’t…. Audio length: 23:10 min Inclusivity notes: The Speaker has breasts and vulva, but no other descriptors. Maybe it's F4F but Futa can be listened by male even if 2 girls are playing in this scenario. I hope I was able to bring both ideas together well! ***Disclaimer: This audio depicts two consenting ADULTS who are not related. Go to gonewildaudio r/gonewildaudio • by frenchcroissants. F4F audio here (Apologies for the quietness of the F4F recording… I messed up the volume settings >. But, now I have! Since I had some time on my hands I thought I would do this simple but obviously improvised confession type of roleplay. F4F] audio help : r/GWASapphic. Verified! [F4F] Chubby Girl Appreciation [Valentine’s Day] [Light Fdom ] [Body Worship] [Not I've never listened to a F4F audio before, so this will be my first time, a bit later when I. This is just fun porn that I make in the hopes that you guys enjoy the fantasy. Please take a moment to thank scriptwriters. THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!! i think that you have the perfect voice to play a mommy 😖😖 i always love a doting mommy audio :D i felt very appreciated and relaxed while listening to it, amazing job <3333 [F4F][F4A]Just A Dream[Script Offer][Nightmare. F4F] Eat Me Out Before My Parents Come Home. " "T" is just for trans, and there are many kinds of trans voice actors. Invite your partner to shower or take a warm bath while you get things ready. If you would like to follow up with my future content, please visit my personal subreddit or my Twitter account for information on how to do so. I know that you work right next door, I would never. Check out my masterlist for all my audios and scripts! 😊 Most recent sapphic audio - [F4F] [F4TF] You Like Being Called Dumb?! ♡ Remastered SFX are CC0 or my own. repeat [F4F] I just want you to feel good baby. Thank you to u/noidthrowaway21 for letting me fill their script not only for you guys, but for my Patrons as well! Please go check out their original script!. F4F]Your Orgasmic Resolution. Please reach out if you see this audio posted by someone other than me. Coin Account Membership About Contact. And I mean, the ladies need and deserve some love too, in my book. This is my first F4F audio! I was re-reading the original M4F script the other day, and it occurred to me just how easy it would be to flip to F4F, so I did! I hope you enjoy the final result. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment! Description: Your girlfriend crawls into bed behind you to find you a little…. This script was a part of a 450 wordcount. [F4F] Late Fee Lewdness [Older Woman][Younger Woman][Lusty Librarian][Fdom][Extended cut 33 mins] Tune in to hear me and one of the lovely writers of the Reddit Erotic Audio Community, u/Youmeanmoidoid discuss 'narratophilia', a sexual fetish in which words and stories are sexually arousing, usually by the telling of dirty and …. Alternations for F4F was written by Skitty. Find interesting F4m content on Soundgasm. F4F] You’ve Poked Me too Many Times. [F4F] [soft fdom] [British Accent] Keep your voice down baby [GFE] [kissing] [sweet] [controlling your vibrator] [public] [restaurant] [baby girl] mention and [slut] [cum] for me [SFX] hi sweeties-! your loving girlfriend takes you out on a date! everything's going perfect until she starts teasing you and controlling your toy on her phone. I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed listening to an audio this much. --- Request from my friend Laura on Tumblr! HIGHLY recommend headphones for this one. MISS WHITE [F4M Audio Here] [F4F Audio Here] with u/allie_dreamweaver. this one is FRESH outta the oven for y'all girlies, i see u and hear u on the f4f requests 😭🫶🏽 i naturally tend to lean towards gender neutral audios but i admit i do have a soft spot for the sapphic ones >< i hope you like itt. Post titles must include #location for meetups, #online for online activities, or both. All acts depicted are erotic roleplay only and are fully consensual. I would recommend the best of the best 💖Darling Mollie💖, as well callmeid she has the sweetest voice ever, whoremoan-driver has great audios as well, if you like masc/butch and deep voice I recommend Badlands. So side story, I'm cooking something up real feisty. You should listen to at least one audio from the encounter to follow the …. thought i’d share a sapphic audio i’ve been enjoying lately lmao. F4F] Such a good girl for me, Little One. It’s been a minute since I’ve done an F4F audio and I’ve had a fair amount of requests recently for a new one… thanks to my wonderful female listeners for being so great 🥰 I’m not sure how to play it… so vote for your fave below! If there are any scripts you like or idea requests, feel free to pop them in a comment here 💕. Futa Mistress Harshly Punishes Her Disobedient Puppy [F4M] / [F4F] [Femdom] [Strict] [Puppy] [Slave] [Whimper for me] [Punishment] [Fucked] [On all fours] [Stretched to your limits] [Make my proud] [Filled] [Another mess?!] [You don’t learn, do you?] + optional [Aftercare] [Script: Aurally] Listen with membership Alewdment: Neutral …. F4F] Lift That Dress Up for Me. Heil og sæl little busy bees, I really wanted to celebrate Pride month with an audio specifically for trans women, and found this incredible script by the absolutely wonderful u/confusedqueeer, who was exceptionally kind and gave me their permission to fill it and make some small changes. Just curious, coz it’s seems more geared towards m4f, which I love too, but sometimes I just want a good old f4f audio rec. I was just feeling it and went with it. Before there was Emmi, there was just a girl putting herself out there for a VA she liked. Reddit has joined a long list of companies that are experimenting with NFTs. Keep up the great work, love the effort you put in to moan over 400+ names. I'll have to double check the name of the track and, now that you've reminded me, I must remember to put the credit in too. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! My first audio for the new year! This script was beautifully written by u/obxidienne which is was absolutely fun to do! As always I look forward to your feedback in the comments or DMS. You could easily edit this to be a futa script if you want. A few weeks later, Emmi was born. [F4F] Sexting Your Saucy Sub Whilst She’s Working [Fsub] Cum check them out on my Patreon ! In addition to those Premium audios, there's Early Access, Behind-The-Scenes content, Podcasts, a private Discord Server Community, Sneak Peeks and more!. F4F] Your Girlfriend Ties You Up and Has Her Way. Uncover recent valuable insights online. I would link it but Youtube doesn't like me doing that. net) submitted 1 day ago by ClassWarAndPuppies to r/BlackWolfFeed. In the script, Kuma described the character as "playful, a little desperate". 》[F4M] AUDIO HERE 》[F4F] AUDIO HERE 》F4F version is the Script by u/AAQ2447, and the F4M version was adapted from there by me 》Get more of MistressAzralynn P. max volume [F4F] When did you get so pretty [Old Babysitter] [Virgin] [Oral] [Fingering] [Kissing] [Moans] a few [Good Girl]s [Older Woman] [Younger Woman] the gentlest of [Fdom] [Sweet] [Praise] [Coffee Shop] [Hold the Moan] [Public] Cafe sound: https://freesound. I've been searching for a short audio of a female voice repeatedly telling the listener "don't cum", possibly mixing in some encouragement to keep stroking without cumming. [F4F] Your Boyfriend Won’t Be Your Valentine? Let’s Fuck, Record It, Then Send It To Him [Friends To Lovers] [“Look At Me When You Cum”] [Fingering] [Cunnilingus] [“You Make Me Wanna Touch Myself] [Clit Play] [Praise] [Body Worship] [Exhibitionism] [Mutual Orgasm] [SO MUCH KISSING] [Good Girl] r. If your driver is experiencing a glitch, it’s easy to download and reinstall the driver. Operator Woman: “They’re saying that the perpetrators are… trying to delay train schedules so they can… among themselves create opportunities for real-world versions of the “missed the train/power-outage” sex-fantasy from that one friggin’ killer audio erotica by u/Girl_In_Dungarees. This Webby award-winning app, founded by an ob-gyn, is heavy on the wellness tips, so if you’re intrigued by a holistic approach to increasing your intimate relationship with. The speaker talks about the listener’s genitals. Verified! [F4M] [F4F] [F4A] Raped by your futa girlfriend [cumming before my class] [real orgasm] [raw audio] [wet sounds] [mini skirt] so just pulling my [panties to the side][loud] [too horny] [my first orgasm. Always come for big sis, okay? August 10, 2022. IT) — Ally ___ like my content? be a bro n follow my subreddit r/alekirser >:3. net : alwaysslightlysleepy : Free. TF4TF] My "Little" Sister's Diary. There’s more to life than what meets the eye. People Share Experiences They Know Were From Previous Lives. Original synopsis: A short narrative where you describe to your sub how you plan to make them the center of …. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Maybe I can't or I don't know how to enjoy the audio completely like other people can, but your wholesome vibes always helps to feel desired in your audios. hiiiii🥰 ️ so this is my first f4f audio, i really hope you enjoy it 🥺 ️ alao I'm sorry for the background noises and the bed frame was hitting the wall so it also made a lot of noises, hope it won't be too loud🥺. I want an F4F audio of an established couple taking a dip in the Tomboy speaker's Hot tub. I've been working more on my audio editing so I'm looking forward to getting some more work out there as I progress. Kahsi has -- in her usual fashion -- taken u/HieloKuma's very first [F4F] script and turned it into a beautiful performance. I can't take any credit for the readings, though. Note: This audio is very suitable for repeated listening and can become more intense by doing so. F4F] Helping You Back To Sleep. Advertising on Reddit can be a great way to reach a large, engaged audience. This is my first fill of one of her scripts but it certainly won’t be the last.